5 reasons why you should book a newborn photo session

Congratulations!  You’re having a baby!  Are you still unsure if you should book a newborn photo session?  Then let me give you five good reasons why you need to have a professional newborn photo session!

1.  Stop the pain of regret!

I’ve never heard of anyone saying that they regretted having their newborn photos done; the only regret I hear is from people that missed out.  There are no second chances when it comes to having your little newborn photographed in those very early days; you can’t postpone growth and you can’t postpone a newborn photo session – they will never be this tiny or sleepy again!


2.  Memories!

That special day when you meet your baby for the first time might remain with you forever yet our memory of all those tiny little details will fade with time.  Sooner or later there will come a time when you reminisce on those moments and come to truly miss them - trust me I know!  A newborn photo session is an opportunity to freeze this moment in time and preserve the memory of your baby in your heart forever, by way of photographs.  Your photographs will become invaluable, not only to you as the parents, but also to your children and their own children to pass down.


3.  If you want great photos, you need a professional. 

No matter how many photos you take on your phone, none will EVER compare to the beauty of an artistically crafted newborn portrait.  Hiring a professional newborn photographer who understands correct composition, light and posing to capture the best from your baby is definitely worth the investment!  A professional newborn photographer will create the most flattering and swoon-worthy photos possible that you can share on social media, gift to family and friends and proudly display around your home.


4.  Quality/Beautiful Heirlooms. 

Cheaper prints from the likes of KMart or Officeworks won’t ever, EVER compare to professionally printed photographs!  ‘Photos last a lifetime and the disappointment of poor quality remains long after the joy of cheaper prices.’  Professional, archival quality photographs will be around long after we are gone.  And as a new parent who has the time to organise printing and framing or even birth announcement cards?  There are so many gorgeous ways to display your photographs and there are particular boutique photography products that only a professional photographer can source.  Stunning handcrafted keepsake boxes, heirloom albums and framed display boxes are just an example.  Your professional newborn photographer can have all your beautiful ‘ready to hang’ artwork and products ready for you to share and enjoy without the stress.

Photos last a lifetime and the disappointment of poor quality remains long after the joy of cheaper prices.

5.  Seize the day! 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Cherish every single moment, enjoy and embrace this time in your life and don’t wait for it to become a memory before you realise the true value of it.  Your family is, without a doubt, the greatest wealth that you will ever possess.  In years to come you won’t remember the price, only the photographs.  Allow yourself and your newborn baby the ultimate gift by immortalising this time by way of professional photographs. Aren’t you and your baby worth it?

As a mother myself I know only too well the tiredness and emotional roller coaster you will be feeling in those early days!  But please, don’t let the opportunity slip away.  Let me look after you and your newborn, (even if it is just for a couple of hours), in my warm and comfortable home studio while I create beautiful artwork and memories for you.  I promise you it will be stress free and an experience that you will enjoy…so what are you waiting for?  Contact me now, I’d love to hear from you!


For bookings or to learn more please call me on 0419 572 200 or simply fill in the contact form HERE.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Jenny x

Jenny Goddard