How to Choose a Newborn Photographer


Welcome and congratulations!!   Whether you’ve just had a baby or currently pregnant you may be looking to hire a professional photographer to capture some beautiful photos of your precious newborn baby, BUT you have nooo idea where to start!

I know it can be completely overwhelming trying to find the perfect photographer. Your baby is only this little once, so choosing the right photographer to capture this ever so fleeting time in your child’s life will be a decision that you won’t want to make lightly.

The most important thing is to find a photographer whose style you LOVE, one who is EXPERIENCED in photographing newborns and one who also fits YOUR needs.  Easier said than done, right?  I’ve put together some helpful tips and important information to take into consideration when deciding on the photographer who is right for YOU!


STYLEFirst and foremost you should have a connection with the photographer’s work; you should love their style – after all this is what you are hiring them to do – to produce amazing images of your precious baby!  Do you want lots of props and colour or are you after more natural, organic images?  Do you want posed or lifestyle images or a mix of both?  Viewing the photo galleries on a photographer’s website should give you a good indication of their overall style.

SAFETY – Is the photographer actually a “real business”are they registered and fully insured?  It doesn’t matter how good a photographer they are or how reasonable their prices may seem, if they are not a registered business with proper business insurance you are putting your baby and your family at risk.  Have they been immunised against whooping cough?  What training have they had?  Have they attended courses and workshops specifically aimed in the art of newborn photography?  What kind of poses and props will they put your baby in, is it safe?  How long have they been photographing newborn babies for?  Ask any number of questions of the photographer if you are unsure or have ANY concerns – this is YOUR baby!

SPECIALITY – Does the photographer specialise in photographing newborns? – this typically indicates that they have greater knowledge and expertise in this area. You may also want to ask how long have they been photographing newborns, have they been in business a number of years?

PORTFOLIO QUALITY – Are the photographer’s images on their website of good quality? Or are they badly lit, out of focus, ‘over-edited’ or not edited at all?  Are they consistent in style – or do they seem to be all over the place?  Do their newborn galleries show a diverse portfolio with lots of different faces?


PRODUCTS ON OFFERDoes the photographer offer a range of products? What is the end product that you want when the experience is over? Do you want a giant canvas art piece?  Make sure your photographer can do that!  Want a keepsake box or heirloom photo album? Then don’t choose a photographer who ONLY offers digital files.  Are the products of high quality; are they archival quality, will they be guaranteed?

PERSONALITY & COMFORT – What’s your impression of the photographer – will you feel confident and comfortable with them handling your newborn baby?  Do you think you’ll easily gel with them – feel at ease with them?  Are they easy to communicate with?  Take a look at their about me page on their website (most photographers should have one)  If you are unsure phone them for a chat.  How much time is allowed for the photo session – will plenty of time be allowed for feeding and settling?  Will the studio space be warm and comfortable for both you and your baby? How personalised will the service be?

RECOMMENDATIONS & REVIEWS Can any of your friends or relatives recommend a newborn photographer?  What was their experience? Good or bad? Positive reviews and referrals (especially from those you trust) can be particularly helpful as it can provide you with the reassurance and confidence needed when making such an important decision, so too can reading reviews and testimonials on the photographer’s website.


“Sooo how much is it going to cost me?!” I hear you ask!  Whilst price will be a factor, it shouldn’t be the first OR final thing to consider when making such an important decision (as we’ve just covered in the important tips above!).  Ever heard of the saying “you get what you pay for”?  Choosing and entrusting the right photographer for your baby’s first photo session (or even wedding or family photos for that matter) is no different. 

As a guide you can expect to invest anywhere from $800-$3000+ for your artwork.  Most newborn photographers will also charge a separate ‘session fee’ for their time spent on the day of your photo shoot – anywhere from $150-$300. There is a photographer to suit all budgets – but remember, you get what you pay for – and you will never get those early days back to redo a session if you are not happy with your photos.


So please, take the time to look around at different photographers taking all the above into consideration and choose one who is right for YOU – and for the right reasons.

Want to know more or still have questions? I would love to hear from you!  Feel free to call me for a chat – 0419 572 200 – or use the contact form on my website and I will happily provide you with further information.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this article has been helpful and that you are one step closer to choosing the perfect photographer for you and your precious bub!

Jenny x


Jenny Goddard