"I sit here now with a 10 day old baby asleep in the next room and my heart is so full. Our miracle baby has arrived and we will be forever grateful for this bundle of joy. It took some time and 'our plan' certainly took a few wrong turns, but the moment I held that beautiful boy life became perfect.
A huge thank you to Jenny for capturing so many precious photos of our boy this week, which we can now treasure forever."

Kirra & Chris’ story…

"Early 2015 we decided its time to extend this twosome and start trying for a baby:
After falling pregnant quite quickly our first baby was due early 2016. Due to complications, in September 2015 our little girl Emerson came silently into the world at just 19 weeks gestation. Our world was shattered.

Without taking the time to grieve we started to 'try again'. Falling pregnant the second time we thought this was it…only to be told at our nine week scan, sorry there is no heartbeat. Our world shattered once again.

Over the coming months we experienced two more early miscarriages.
Six months of fertility treatment followed, but nothing was working. So I'd gone from falling pregnant on my own quite easily to not being able to with assistance. From here we decided to do IVF and prepared ourselves for another huge journey. We were extremely lucky that our first round was a success and could not believe our ears when we were told, "you're pregnant". Words I doubted I'd ever hear again.

On 20th December 2018 after nearly a four-year journey, my husband Chris and I welcomed our much-awaited precious boy into the world and what better Christmas present could we have asked for. Jude Michael - mummy and daddy love you to the moon and back, our hearts are complete. xo"

Congratulations on your beautiful boy Kirra & Chris, and thank you for allowing me to share your story. A beautiful little miracle indeed! x

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